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Two Vital Factors for Homeschooling Teens

by Laura Grace Weldon

The teenaged years are actually the most rewarding of the homeschooling years. That’s what we’ve found with our four homeschooled kids. And that’s what I was told by many of the 110 families I interviewed for my book Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. People in Ireland, Australia, India, and the U.S. described coming to this realization in similar ways. Their concerns about helping a young child master the basics or their struggles to find the right homeschooling style gradually resolved. Parents grew to trust the process of learning much more completely and, perhaps as a result, they saw their children mature into capable and self-directed young people. Continue reading »

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Community College Course Planner

by Mary Ann Kelley

Many homeschoolers take community college classes while in high school. Since these courses count towards a college degree, it is important to keep track of the courses taken and how they apply to the different degree programs. Our Community College Course Planner is a spreadsheet download that tracks the courses taken and allows input of course/credit requirements for the chosen degree program to help the student stay on track with course choices. Continue reading »

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Homeschool to Military

by Mary Ann Kelley

Information for homeschoolers considering entering one of the military academies or a branch of service Continue reading »

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Homeschool to College

by Mary Ann Kelley

Helpful tips and resources for homeschoolers considering or preparing for college Continue reading »

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Homeschooling High School

by Mary Ann Kelley

Even parents who have homeschooled for many years sometimes question homeschooling high school. Many are surprised to find that homeschooling high school is often even easier than the younger grades. Students are more mature, often have better study habits, and take more responsibility for their own learning. Continue reading »

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