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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

Abeka Review by Cristina van Valkenburg
"First off, I love, love Abeka’s church curriculum. Their Sunday school lessons are amazing. Everyone at my church who homeschools absolutely loves their homeschool curriculum, so I thought I would give it a shot. Oh my goodness. The ONLY reason I s.."
"My daughter started showing signs of reading readiness after watching her sister become proficient at reading (public school), so I asked her if she wanted me to teach her to read. She did. I picked up a used copy of this book on the recommendation .."
"Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! From customer service to curriculum just horrible. This crap isn’t worth $5 a course let alone $500. I have 3 children in online school at the moment 2 are public (free) and then I have my son who is enrolled in keysto.."
ALEKS Review by Scott
"If you browse through all the reviews on here you will notice that the positive ones share a common theme: they all involve a student who is already "gifted" in mathematics. If you are not gifted at mathematics, then this program is a disaster. I'v.."
ABCmouse Review by Michelle
"When canceling I had to contact my bank so they could do something on their end so I wouldn’t keep getting billed. It is true what they say about nearly impossible to cancel. Contact your financial institution to put a stop to the credit card payme.."
"I cannot bear it and finally need to post something. We spent a lot of money on BJU Online this year, even tho we did not put all our eggs in one basket. Grades 8,9, online. I'm going to review Earth Science 8, which is the only 1 we decided to stick.."
Explode the Code Review by Sheena Van Ornum
"Our family has home educated 5 kids for over 10 consecutive years and we have found both ETC workbooks and the online subscription program to be very effective in reenforcing reading skills. I wouldn't use either the books or the online program as a.."
The Keystone School Review by Denise Neilson
"We have used Keystone for a variety of reasons and situations with our three sons. Two have graduated from high school - one with a brick and mortar diploma and one with a Keystone diploma. The third started taking classes to supplement brick and m.."
ALEKS Review by John Alban
"ALEKS is just a poor way to teach children math. ALEKS should do something better in their life, such as-- ANYTHING ELSE. The way it is built is just plain dumb. I really don't recommend using this site for teaching. If you need a website to go to, t.."
"Monarch is a great program and it has over 2000+ assignments for each grade and It picks the right ones for whatever your child needs to either work on or is struggling in. Monarch is amazing and it has at least 10 voiced videos a day by the creators.."
ALEKS Review by madison
"Im a student that uses Aleks. Your guess is... I HATE IT!! It causes me so much stress to get it done by each quater. I don't have time to do it and when I learn the things in school, my teacher has to explain it all over again. Instruters like it be.."
"Sorry I mean to say spending over $7000 a year . Sorry for my typing mistakes . I hope everyone here could understand my point about our terrible experience with Laurel Spring school dean of students. I never want to talk to her ever again..."
"We have been with this school several years because my daughter lived their curriculum. I have to admit I am very unhappy with the dean of students and them to be extremely pushy and manipulative and at come moments even dishonest trying to get more .."
ALEKS Review by Johnathan crawley
"Absolutely terrible platform never use this for any reason whatsoever! the user interface is clunk and unusable. the course I take makes me use this platform. I consistently get questions wrong on homework because of the bad UI. please use something .."
Abeka Review by Brandon
"My private school used Abeka for K5 - 4th grade and it was a great foundation. However, times have changed and my daughter is using the 5th grade Abeka books. It's a terrible curriculum especially for the price. There is way too much work, the videos.."
ABCmouse Review by Kara Conrad
"Shady dealings with the company due to their cancellation routine. You have to continue to click buttons that you want to cancel and even after multiple pages of choosing to cancel and them trying to get you to click on a lower cost yearly subscript.."
"I’m first going to start off by saying that I have used Abeka since first grade. I am currently in tenth grade, and I am debating whether or not I should complete my last two years with them. I definitely have seen and done a lot with Abeka over th.."
"We use the Monarch homeschool program . I want to just say the website is under constant repair and the problems are never resolved. It logs my daughter out constantly and erases some of her work. I'm talking 2-3 hundred word essays gone. The answers.."
IXL Review by Ingrid Moats
"I use IXL with my students. We use it for the repetition and immediate feedback. I feel like it's a great supplement for any curriculum. The downside as others have said is the scoring system. If students are doing very well and then they ge.."
Singapore Math Review by Ingrid Moats
"Singapore Math has a very systematic approach to 10s, number sense. It is a very streamlined curriculum and relates will with the science curriculum. It has a good amount of problems to complete within a section or topic, although not as much aft.."

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