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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

IXL Review by Maya
"IXL did help me get A+ Grades on my Math Tests but the Scoring system is really bad, it punishes wrong answers, it's not a very encouraging website to learn from, their 2017 motto, "Practice that feels like play" is an absolute lie, That motto would .."
"I am currently a student at Laurel Springs School, and I won't say this school is the greatest ever. It has been a great alternative to the confusing distance learning options. It has been a lot less difficult to manage my schedule of tennis and othe.."
BJU Press Review by Sarah Gallas
"Anti Catholic to the max!!!! I’m embarrassed to just finally research and figure this out after hearing many abut Catholic comments from 3rd grade Heritage Studies! Will disregard this class and switch studies next year! I’m beyond disappointed a.."
ALEKS Review by Tamara Thompson
"There are no helpful tutorials or videos within this course. I would have been better off just getting a textbook for my daughter and letting her fend for her self with just that and youtube-- and I would have saved myself from paying such unjustifia.."
Abeka Review by Lynn
"I graduated using Abeka only curriculum all through school. I tested well and with good grades. I went to college along with my friends and realized we were minimally prepared. It was not just content, it’s was abstract and critical thinking. I us.."
ABCmouse Review by Bonnie
"So I barely made an account for my 4 year old, and already I’m having problems. The app won’t let me create a profile. We were able to select an avatar, hamster, but we can’t go to next after choosing a fish, So I turned to the internet for adv.."
"You know it's bad when I can get more from Khan Academy in two minutes than I can get from Acellus in 30. The lessons are extremely drawn out, which completely disengages you. The content being taught is often not explained very clearly; which is esp.."
ALEKS Review by Dylan Blair
"The majority of reviews that one will find on ALEKS are reviews that come from the perspective of a parent of a child from grades 2 through 8. I am a high school chemistry student, and I have to use ALEKS as a large portion of my grade. From my exper.."
"The new system is AWFUL! coming from a student, I quite enjoyed the old program before the 4.0 update. It was clear and straight forward, and I felt like I was learning from it. Now it's confusing, and feels like a program for young children in th.."
K¹² Review by Allie
"My son used K12 through a virtual academy with his regular school as a result of the pandemic. My son is on the spectrum but does well in his regular school. His K12 course workload was insane as compared to anything he's done at his brick and mortar.."
"I homeschool my children and found this curriculum to work for us very nicely. It came recommended by a friend and I’m glad I tried it out! I have a newborn and was getting bogged down with grading. The grading is now done for me!! I can enjoy .."
Calvert Review by Heather Newcomer
"This is my first year homeschooling and I must say that using the Calvert Academy curriculum has been a blessing. The program is age appropriate as the teacher support has been fantastic!.."
"Deeply conflicted if we will use again. (1) It is regular public school curriculum (secular homeschooler here) using regular school text books with no verbal/power point presentation or video instruction. THIS IS INTESELY, MIND NUMBINGLY BORING. .."
Time4Writing Review by LynnBailey
"I am appalled by the way you craftily take parents' money and squeeze children into a time constraint learning experience. You do not accommodate, except for cash. Our children are not merchandize. Your business is unfortunately not a school but a.."
ABCmouse Review by Sierra
"ABCmouse has been a great experience for my kids. They love to change their avatar, save up for pets or other items. They enjoy every bit about it. My only struggle and, actually one of my daughters is annoyed by this as well, is that there is a "boy.."
ABCmouse Review by Sierra
"Abc Mouse has been a great game for us. My children enjoy changing their avatar and reading books in the library. The art the kids can do is very cute and again, creative. The only thing that really bothers me and also, actually, one of my kids is th.."
MUZZY Review by gcn3030
"We've been using Muzzy for a couple of months or so, we got access to all the languages for my 3 year old son who speaks Spanish already from immersion with his nanny over the last few years. He also knows some German from watching videos, going to .."
"I forgot to mention in my last post that the videos are outdated and poor..."
"I do not feel this program was beneficial. You are forced to retake test until you get over a 70%. I want to have the choice to retake the test. I was ok with the grade that I received on my final because my grade in the class should have ended up be.."
"I am very impressed by Mr Pudwa and his system! I am looking forward to teaching my daughter some new techniques. The Student Intensive DVD sets are still available secondhand on ebay. Do these DVDs have all you need to complete the course? Is there.."
Spelling Wisdom Review by Dawn Worley
"I love spelling Wisdom. I have a third grade boy who loathes spelling lists. But, he loves history and literature. This curriculum is perfect for him! He will rattle off those quotes months letters. Plus he learns grammar and punctuation right along .."
Time4Learning Review by Marie Senegal
"This program offers great teaching and lessons. My daughter enjoys. A kid who has attention issues can use a parents guidance. I actually don't think its for a kid to use without a teacher or parent. But it is a good curriculum. I guess older kids w.."
Calvert Review by Melissa Bocharel
"We have both our 1st and 2nd graders using Calvert homeschooling and they just enjoy every minute of it. It's perfect for our way of life. Our teacher Junette is great and makes our kids feel welcome and loved..."
"In our search for a suitable 9th grade curriculum we tried out Laurel Springs Honors Biology I. Although the curriculum itself was fine and the teacher was very nice and helpful when inquired we decided to try out Florida Virtual which is offered f.."
IXL Review by Andi
"I enjoy the range of subjects that IXL offers and the amount of curriculum embedded in each subject. It allows my child to explore many different topics within the given subject. I appreciate the analytics and diagnostics that this program offers as .."
Abeka Review by Maddie
"Listen, before you read this review, just know that I am currently enrolled in this school, and this is my view of the curriculum. I think the school is cool and all; it is very challenging and prepares me for my dream college. I refer to Abeka more.."
Abeka Review by Kye Evans
"Abeka Academy is a horrible school. The teaching methods are horrible and the system glitches all the time ti the poont where student answers show up as incorrect when they are infact correct. If you're going to run on online school, make sure your s.."
"I am most upset about the payment process. She has been enrolled all year with no late payments. They come directly out of my account. I had some fraudulent charges on my card and the bank had to send me a new card. The next thing I know I get an ema.."
Calvert Review by Danielle
"I grew up on the classic Calvert curriculum. My Mom homeschooled myself and my 4 siblings using it and we all have fabulous memories of it. Fast forward and I am using Calvert homeschool now with my 3rd grader. I am so disappointed that the curric.."
ALEKS Review by Finn
"I'm using ALEKS in my first semester of college, and it has not helped me learn anything new. If I had used this as review for when I was still in highschool (I've been homeschooled my whole life,) I would have learned so much better - but on its own.."
"We used anatomy with our co-op & it has been wonderful! My husband & I are both in healthcare so we've had a lot of anatomy over the years & are both very impressed with this book. And that is saying a lot coming from my very unsupportive.."
Calvert Review by Amanda B
"Calvert is a wonderful school. My children are excelling and never been happier about learning..."
K¹² Review by Sheila Jones
"My daughter is a senior in high school. Before the pandemic she was an honor student. She's actually already taking online college classes while still in high school and doing well. Our school chose K12 for us during the pandemic as a provider for vi.."
Calvert Review by Stephanie Glennon
"We could not be more happy with our experience at Calvert Academy. We live abroad and after Covid restrictions were put in place, my son was having a very undesirable experience with his private school’s Zoom classes. We switched to Calvert Acade.."
K¹² Review by Thomas
"I am very upset with this curriculum. "History" lessons for 1st graders have pushed an agenda which is NOT necessary knowledge about false egyptian gods and illegally presented information as though they were facts about these false gods. The student.."
Explode the Code Review by Samantha Gordon
"The books might be better, but Explode the Code online has been a total disappointment. The program consistently freeze every time we use it. About 30-60 seconds into the program, the system just freezes and refuses to budge until it is restarted. Th.."
ALEKS Review by Keana
"Terrible experience. As far as the graphic design of the program, it’s user friendly. But other than that unimportant aspect, it’s terrible. I had 430 topics assigned to me in one semester. Each topic, you were to only do 3-5 problems, before mov.."
ALEKS Review by Marie
"My dd's charter school chose to use Aleks this year while school is held online and not in person. The private school she attended for 1st-8th used Saxon. Aleks is horrible. DD has spent hours on this math program without any significant progress and.."
"I have a kindergartner and second grade student enrolled in Flvs through our local school district and I am disgusted by how many errors there are in the materials. Almost every day there is either a grammatical error, spelling error, or missing info.."
"I have two children enrolled in the k12 program in WAm The K12 curriculum and workload is horrendous. It is dry and repetitive. There are glitches in pretty much every first grade phonics lesson. First week of 1st grade they expected my kid to write.."
Abeka Review by Kathy Yoder
"I will just say that if Abeka Academy is not a good fit for your student, be prepared for an extremely difficult withdrawal! Two weeks post my initial request for official withdrawal documents required by the new school , I am still waiting. No a.."
ALEKS Review by ExhaustedChemStudent
"Whoever created Aleks is responsible for wasting countless hours of students' time and causing an incredible amount of unnecessary stress. As a student of a professor who required Aleks as a study tool, I can testify to the fact that Aleks DOES NOT .."
"I wrote the review below as well, but I needed more space! We love Calvert Academy for our 3rd grader. The history and English curriculum for 3rd grade are truly awesome. Informative, important to learn, and engaging, having him read aloud to me a.."
"We absolutely love Calvert Academy for my 3rd grader! The online program is simple to use, the written instruction is perfectly matched to grade level, each section it is broken up with questions and interactive activities at appropriate times, a.."
Calvert Review by Fernanda Toledo
"I am very happy having my kids in Calvert. I love Calvert Academy. Efficiency, objective academic curriculum, methodology, and a lot of professionalism. We are still new to this platform, but I am sure that every day we have made the right choice.."
Spectrum Review by Robbin Doe
"They are truly awful. Its like they go out of they're way to make your experience terrible. Everything from mandatory obsolete routers and modems(all of them) to shoddy customer support. They genuinely put almost the bare minimum into they're website.."
Saxon Math Review by Mike Boston
"Don’t buy the current publishers stuff, they just bought the name rights. Saxon's Alg 1 and Alg 2 books are available through many vendors on the Internet. I use Mardel bookstore locally and online for many of my purchases, especially during their.."
ALEKS Review by Macey
"This learning program is garbage. It only sets your child up with stress and unhealthy frustration. I have used ALEKS and it has made cry because of the amount of frustration I've experianced, as well as lacking sleep because I am stressed that I won.."
"In using this software with my children I noticed inappropriate and sexist content, as well as lack of rigor. I reported this to my school and they discontinued the program. Our Department of Education did a curriculum review and found discriminatory.."
"Terrible grammar books. Books are too expensive..."

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