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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Recent Reviews

Rod and Staff Review by Lourdes Venegas
"Excellent material! Love the progress of materials and quality . So far this is the ONLY curriculum available in Spanish that I have found that is Bible-based. Plus, not only is it economical but Rod and Staff allows you to be selective with what yo.."
"Addressing the points - Directors are untrained and incompetent- the idea behind CC is to equip parents to present the same material at home in the same way. It would FAIL if it intimidated parents and they walked away thinking they were not as cap.."
"Extremely disorganized. Their "planner" is sometimes all together and sometimes interspersed with work pages. The shipments were a complete mess. I ordered four grade levels. I received 18 boxes, all with two or three or four different grade level.."
"My daughter had been in French Immersion Program while she was in school for 4 years. I emailed the owner of the The Easy french ands felt Level 2A yould be a good fit. We purchased it and could not make sense of the manual. It was very confusing, on.."
ABCmouse Review by Natalya
"I hate this website...After canceling a year ago I am still being charged 7.95 monthly I canceled my card because it was ridiculous and they could care less ... Customer service is horrible after being on hold for 2:06 minutes ... its bullshit!!!!!!.."
"We used and loved their Building Blocks series. It has a lot more depth than the Focus On books. You only have to buy 1 book for the school year and it covers all 5 science topics. We liked that kids learn all the fundamentals of science, so they can.."
"My kids LOVE We started it as a fun alternative to cartoons and games when they were younger and wanted to have these things. When my 5 year old could pick up and read almost any book, I saw it was doing far more than I had realized to.."
"This is a review specifically of the Challenge programs. I speak as a parent who was involved for three years with several children. I have seen Challenge, under the right circumstances, be a fantastic fit for some. However, I have also see it be.."
Singapore Math Review by Heather Couch
"We tried about 6 different math programs before going back to Singapore. Son is extremely distractible (ADD) and cannot look at an overly crowded page or different topics back and forth, so mastery approach is the only way to go. We use the textbook,.."
"I have used LOF with my son from Kindergarten through third grade. He just finished the intermediate series and the author recommends not going on to the next level until fifth grade, so we have to find something else for fourth grade.What I l.."
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