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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Recent Reviews

Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Priscilla McInville
"We have been using Monarch Online for two years, grades eight and nine. We have all positive reviews. Monarch has exceeded what we need in our home school. The student has to read each lesson. Parents may print lessons in order to help the chil.."
"We have completed New World Explorers and WW2. This is almost a 1-stop curriculum-project source. I added in bits and pieces not covered in depth such as the missions, El Camino Real and the religious element as to why the explorers explored. For WW2.."
"Our experience with Alpha Omega Academy ("Christian" online school out of Iowa) has been very mixed. As far as curriculum, it has been rigorous, yet our child (middle schooler) has been able to complete it the first semester with excellent grades. Th.."
"I am canceling before the 14 day grace period. I could not get the program to work with Mac opt in parental controls. I spent hours working myself and with tech support from both time4 and mac. With opt in controls you add the sites you allow the .."
"Hey I have seen many parent reviews... as myself being a student we see the harder side of it. The problem with sos is if u get a problem wrong it won’t tell why? And it is so easy to get further and further behind in school on this program. Even .."
Calvert Review by Anna JJ
"it's okay, but disappointing compared to the Calvert of old. my grandmother was in the Calvert day school as a child, she purchased their 'royal road' devices and some other helps to assist my dad when he was a child, and my brother and I were bo.."
"My son is a freshman in Calvert and we have used the program since 4th grade. We enjoy the fact that this program is complete, secular and accredited. If you graduate from high school at Calvert you get a real high school diploma. You do not have .."
ALEKS Review by Sean
"STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS Okay, listen here, whoever made this site is someone who has no regard for the kid in the progress, the entire thing is just a big frustrating jumble of poorly explained math lessons, and ONE mistake in a lesson can make.."
Calvert Review by Marlene
"2nd year with Calvert highschool ATS program. We used the middle school ATS full time and really liked it. The highschool transition becomes an all online program which is nice. However the school needs to work out alot of issues still. We did full .."
"We are really enjoying this curriculum. It is very hands on and demonstrates the different principles of physical science which makes it so much easier for the kids to remember. I am using this with a 5th and sixth grader. After struggling with di.."

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