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Timelines in the Homeschool

by Mary Ann Kelley

TheHomeSchoolMom: Timelines in the HomeschoolTimelines offer students the ability to visually process overlapping and chronological events in history, relating them in a way that is more difficult to perceive through reading. Timelines in the homeschool are a valuable tool to relate subjects together and view historical events as interrelated.

“See” History with a Historical Timeline

“It is one thing for students to learn about isolated historical events, but quite another to understand the interrelation of those events throughout time. In order to help students grasp the scope and influence of events throughout history, as well as how those events have impacted the flow of history and the nature of the world as it is today, a historical timeline can be indispensable.” Rebecca Capuano explains how timelines bring history together and explores some of the best resources for creating a timeline.

How to Make a Timeline Easily

Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest Maps shows how to easily make a timeline in book, wall, or digital form.

Paula’s Timeline Archive

An excellent place to become familiar with the different timeline options available and how they can enhance your homeschool, Paula’s Timeline Archive has information on the following: Line Options, Figures, Scaling, Using a Timeline, and Links

Notebooking Pages’ History Timeline Notebooking System

Samples are available to view that can give you ideas to create your own notebooking timeline templates, or you can buy the complete download for $6.95 which includes: Spines for your notebook, cover pages, title pages, dividers for special topics like daily living, government/politics, religion/philosophy, science/technology, & more, books read & resources used templates, vocabulary page, timeline pages (in multiple formats), and 2 sets of different themed bordered notebooking templates.

Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Helps

Free timeline ideas from a popular provider of timeline figures


If you use a timeline and have any questions about where to place a figure in time, this site is bound to have the answer. Hundreds of timelines arranged by subject should cover just about anything you are studying.

THSM Timeline Board on Pinterest

Reviews of Timeline Resources

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